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Cutting Edge Heating Technology

Cahill Heating is pleased to offer its customers revolutionary and cutting-edge heating technology. Our Jet Heat heater features a turbine jet engine that is >97% efficient.

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Fuel Savings

Our Jet Turbine Heater is based on high-pressure combustion/burner technology, which saves Cahill’s customers up to 62% on fuel costs.

Model Gal / Hr Burn Cost / Hr Cost / Day
Jet Turbine
2.9 - 4.9 Gal/Hr
8.6 Gal/Hr
*Calculated using U.S. $3.00 cost per gallon.
Carbon Footprint

With less refueling (after 40 – 60 hours of use), fuel spills and environmental costs are reduced. Low fuel consumption also contributes to less CO2 generation. Cahill’s patented Jet Heat heater does not produce greenhouse gases such as NOx or SO2.

Service & Security

Turbine technology is the most advanced in the world, providing less downtime and requiring minimal service. Cahill’s heaters spend more time heating and require less service time. All Cahill’s heaters feature GPS tracking.



Product Specifications & Applications

Product Advantages

Patented Turbine Engine Technology with Axial Fan
Safe Compact and Self-Contained Unit
Proprietary Catalyst Technology
Microprocessor Controlled
GPS System
cahill rentals provides high efficiency heaters

How Quickly Can a Full Engine Be Replaced?


Portable industrial heaters manufactured by JetHeat are the most efficient, powerful, environmentally friendly heaters available. The JetHeat line utilizes a unique patented technology to create instantaneous heat. They are the world’s only flameless industrial heaters driven by a Micro Turbine jet engine.

  • Patented Technology: The world’s only micro-turbine powered diesel heater with >97% engine efficiency.
  • Highest Performance: Deliver heat up to 500 feet away. Consuming between 3.2 to 5.3 gallons of diesel per hour.
  • Lowest Total Project Costs: Replace multiple competitive heaters and benefit from the lowest long-term maintenance cost.

Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC manufactures the world’s leading portable heaters. Our industrial flameless heater, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in North America.

JetHeat fuels profits for customers by conserving time, money, and energy.  We generate revenue for our customers by reducing heating fuel consumption, workplace slow-downs, and mitigating environmental obstacles to progress.  We design equipment with safety in mind from the start. JetHeat delivers tremendous heat and savings by being efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.


The portable, industrial JetHeat heater is a state-of-the-art modular heating system. This flexible configuration is designed to meet a wide variety of customer applications. By design, the system can be used as a trailered package or as a stand-alone enclosure facilitating placement of the narrow (32”) cabinet into spaces the competition cannot fit… such as a freight elevator, a doorway, or a hallway.


The portable industrial heating applications for JetHeat flameless heaters reflect the diversity of conditions our customers operate under.  They rely on the high mobility and flexibility of the static fans to safely deliver heat where it’s needed to ensure maximum operating time and virtually no downtime. 

Features such as remote monitoring, high fuel efficiency and quality North American construction mean JetHeat portable industrial heaters are dependable and cost-effective. They will also lower your project heating costs compared to competitive models.

JetHeat is the leader in industrial heater applications in the oil and gas industry. Our flameless heaters do the job quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently than competing products.

Even in conditions of -40F, JetHeat guarantees critical performance with a 180-degree temperature rise, 5200 CFM and the highest static pressure available. Furthermore, the heater’s small footprint allows it to easily fit into compact spaces and be transported to areas that are difficult to traverse. The heating module can be deployed wherever it is most needed quickly and unobtrusively.

Within 60 seconds, the JetHeat produces a 180-degree F temperature rise, providing instant heat for your application. User-friendly controls make it simple for field technicians to learn and operate. Excellent safety features also protect workers who are near the heater when it is in use.

Industrial heater applications for the concrete and construction industries are varied and demanding. We understand the rigorous conditions under which our heaters must operate; therefore, we engineered portable industrial heaters to be highly durable.

The Construction Industry is all about deadlines. The JetHeat will help you meet yours. Cold weather doesn’t need to prevent work from continuing. You can keep your projects on track when extreme weather conditions present a challenge.

Highly portable due to its small 2’x2’x4’ footprint, the JetHeat unit can be placed nearly anywhere. Lightweight, at only 275 pounds, it can be moved from job site to job site by only two men. Or, by using the JetHeat custom trailer, it can be easily towed, moved, and operated.

The JetHeat is a one-of-a-kind heater that provides instantaneous heat with best-in-class fuel economy and static pressure, all while leading the industry with the highest efficiency and lowest carbon footprint. Our product solves the challenge of carbonation, chalky surfaces and scaling issues while curing concrete in cold weather conditions. Our technology is a problem solver for the concrete industry, and our clean, breathable air output keeps workers safe in enclosed spaces.

Painting steel in cold weather conditions can be done if the steel is dry and relatively warm. Bridges, railroad trestles, guard rails, and other outdoor structures made of metal can be heated with JetHeat.    Our static pressure can push the heat to where you want it. The breathable air output provides a safe and comfortable environment for workers. The JetHeat can quickly heat the steel to 50F or higher to reach that critical safe temperature range for applying paint.

JetHeat is the best-in-class approach for customers with ground-thaw requirements. Thawing ground with JetHeat is as simple as weighing down the edges of a tarp and blowing in JetHeat’s instantaneous hot and dry air stream. The static pressure of JetHeat will fill the space and quickly dry the ground without the muddy mess, time-consuming setup, and teardown of a glycol system.

Industrial heaters for bedbug and flea extermination applications puts the power of safe, breathable heat to work for thermal extermination. If You Want to Treat with Heat – the JetHeat ExThermonator is the best choice for pest control technicians and exterminators.


  • With the JetHeat ExThermonator, hot air is moved through the entire structure, including basements, until 140 F + is sustained, killing all bugs and larvae while keeping your structure and contents safe during and after the treatment.
  • JetHeat ExThermonator can be used in structures small and large such as apartments, hotel rooms, dorms, warehouses, storage facilities, buses, trains, and airplanes.
  • The ExThermonator chemical-free solution leaves no harmful residues behind.
  • Capable of generating its own power, does not require an external power source.
  • With instantaneous delivery, there is no-preheating or waiting.
  • ExThermonator delivers the industry’s best static pressure which can push hot air into every crevice of the structure for a comprehensive treatment.
  • ExThermonator is lightweight, mobile, and easily configured to many structures.


Can you explain the Flameless Design?

The JetHeat has NO external or exposed flame. At the heart of the is a small micro-turbine that runs on ordinary pump Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULS Kerosene fuel. The heater is an internal combustion Micro Turbine jet engine. The combustion occurs entirely within the confines of the combustion chamber, like a reciprocating piston engine. Like your car, there are no exposed flames.

Can you explain Direct Fire vs. Indirect Fire?

Direct fire units force air directly through the flame to heat the air. The burner fires directly in the air stream, being heated rather than through a heat exchanger. This results in no wasted energy by these types of commercial heating units, and 100% of available energy is delivered to the heated space because no flue or heat exchanger is required. With heaters using Indirect fire the flame is contained in a burn chamber which heats a heat exchanger.

Can you explain what you mean by “BTU Equivalent”?

Heat energy for diesel burned provides 138,000 btu/gal. JetHeat uses the term “Btu Equivalent” when rating our heater to illustrate that our heater produces as much or more heat than any competitive heater while consuming half of the fuel.  Another way of looking at it is that our input and output BTUs are virtually identical, whereas our competitors produce output that’s approximately 50% of their input.

How does the Catalyst work?

The catalyst works like an automotive catalytic converter which converts CO to C02. The JetHeat unit uses a very specialized fuel system that turns the diesel into vapour before combustion.  Therefore, there are no ‘fuel droplets’ to burn, only gaseous fuel.  Unlike a conventional diesel engine, this vapour burns cleanly and completely resulting in low emissions and virtually no soot.  You won’t see black smoke come out of a JetHeat as you see on a conventional diesel unit.