Commitment to Safety

Cahill Safety Culture

Cahill team members are committed to maintaining a positive safety culture that is in accordance with the highest safety models.

Our guiding principle is that working in a safe environment is the unchallengeable right and expectation of every employee and their family. This standard supports every worker returning daily to his/her family healthy and fit. Through investments in training and technology, open channels of communication and working together, management and employees maintain the highest safety standards.

We Strive to Make Jobsites Accident-Free

Safety Training

Cahill employees periodically undergo rigorous safety training to recognize and mitigate workplace hazards and risks and work as safely as possible in sensitive environments. All employees at Cahill have completed basic safety training recognized by CCOHS and OSHA, first aid training and certification, and WHMIS/HazComm MSDS training administered by professional safety consultants.

Planning Work

Before visiting customer sites, our technicians complete a multi-point safety and efficiency inspection on each piece of equipment to ensure proper operation. The technicians are also prepared with all site safety requirements, job understanding, and the know-how and tooling to service the equipment in the safest possible manner.

Observing Surroundings

Cahill employees follow standard procedures to observe and analyze environments and potential issues before deployment of equipment or personnel to eliminate the possibility of accidents.

Gearing Up

Regardless of how simple or complex the task is, Cahill personnel wear protective clothing and accessories.

Integrating with Customers Safety Program

In addition to complying with our safety standards, Cahill employees readily participate in customers’ safety programs and training.


When it comes to safety, we all walk the talk. Safety is not merely a policy; it is a behaviour everyone continuously monitors and improves—and our safety records are a confirmation of Cahill’s safety culture.

On top of maintaining safety standards to keep workers safe, we also strive to take care of the environment and the surroundings by engineering products virtually free of emissions, smoke, leakages, or any other environmental contaminants. Through careful inspection, research, and investment, we strive to keep your projects running faster, smoother, safer, and greener.

Our Certifications