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Cahill Heating Rentals proudly supports industrial and construction clients in Kitimat, British Columbia. To increase the customer service experience, we opened a physical location in Kitimat over three years ago. Cahill has decades of experience in the specialty heater rental market.  Our fleet includes the most advanced temporary industrial flameless heater on the market. We support our clients with unmatched support and service from our dedicated team of technicians.

Cahill heaters operate smoothly, even in the harshest climates. Our industrial flameless heaters produce instant dry, breathable hot air and accurate temperature control and regulation. No matter the outside conditions, our flameless industrial heaters deliver instantaneous hot air to keep your project running on time.

The patented technology featured in the JetHeat heater allows you to get the desired air temperature under the harshest conditions. Our heater fleet has undergone rigorous independent testing against competitive heaters. The results show that the Cahill Jet Heater is by far the most fuel-efficient temporary industrial heater on the market. Some of our heater’s key features include:

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Cahill is your best choice for temporary construction heater rentals in Kitimat.  Our team has decades of experience in advanced flameless heating solutions.  Our construction heaters have been independently tested and shown to be the most fuel-efficient heater rental option.  Contact our team to learn more if you want to reduce your project’s operational fuel costs.

Trust your construction projects’ heating needs to us! We offer exceptional 24/7 customer support:


Consider a Cahill heater for your construction project if you want a reliable heat delivery system that provides maximum BTU output and marketplace-leading fuel efficiency. Our team will work with you to determine the best equipment for your project needs.

Fuel Efficiency and Leading Energy Conversion Rate

Cahill Heaters have the highest energy conversion rate of any heater on the market. Energy conversion is the potential energy from diesel fuel converted into usable heat. Most heaters on the market operate at around 50% energy conversion compared to the JetHeat heater, which runs at 97% energy conversion. This industry-leading conversion rate means you will use much less fuel to generate the same amount of heat. Cahill heaters allow you to lower your overall operating and fuel costs. The advanced combustion technology featured in the Jet Heater will enable you to reduce your project’s emissions output significantly.

Less Equipment Needed for Maximum BTU Output

The industry-leading fuel conversion rate means you need less on-site equipment. Cahill heaters allow you to declutter your job site, clearing room for other types of equipment and increasing space for your construction crews. In addition to its energy-efficient design and custom design flexibility, our heaters have secondary containment tanks, so any leaks or spills during operation or maintenance are quickly contained.


Cahill is the best choice for your construction project.  Our fuel efficiency, design options, BTU output, and decluttering option make our heaters the number one choice for many construction project managers. We proudly provide exceptional heaters and service – we look forward to working with you.

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