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Industrial Heating Rentals in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Cahill Heating Rentals provides exceptional temporary industrial heater rental solutions to clients in Fort McMurray and surrounding Alberta communities. We deliver industry-leading heaters, reliable customer service, and over 100 years of experience. We are proud to have developed a reputation for excellence in industrial heating. 

We offer industry-leading industrial diesel heater rentals at competitive rates for short-term and long-term projects.  Our experienced and knowledgeable service team is available 24/7 to ensure your project downtime is reduced.  We are proud to be Canada’s best choice for industrial heater rentals.

We provide fuel-efficient heater rentals to various industries in Western Canada, including construction, oil & gas, and the coatings industry.  We work closely with project managers to understand the scope of their project to make the most suitable heater recommendation.  Our heaters feature patented technology, allowing us to offer maximum BTU output and industry-leading fuel efficiency.  Our heaters also feature secondary fuel containment, an essential safety feature that aids in spill reduction and job site equipment decluttering. Cahill Heating Rentals is the best choice for industrial heaters in Alberta.  We offer quick service turnaround times along with easy part replacement options. 

Cahill diesel heater used for hoarding application

Flameless Construction Heaters In Alberta: Featuring Patented Technology

We provide the construction industry with industry-leading construction heaters.  Our patented technology produces low emissions while maximizing the BTU output. This patented technology converts 97% of the potential energy from diesel fuel into usable heat for your project.  This remarkably high energy conversion rate means you will get more heat with reduced fuel consumption.  Most other construction heaters on the market have an energy conversion rate of around 50%.

A 3rd party independent study completed in 2016 compared the Cahill Jet Heater to other frequently used heaters in the construction industry.  The study showed that using a Cahill Jet Heater allowed our clients to generate the same amount of usable heat while having significantly less equipment on the job site.  A single Jet Heater from Cahill provides the same BTU output as 8 Frost Fighters, 3 Allmand heaters, or 2 TD1200s. Generating the same BTU output is a significant advantage for Job Site management. Less on-site equipment improves safety while reducing the time required to set up and move equipment around the site.

Advantages of Flameless Construction Heaters

Cahill flameless heaters maintain consistent temperature regulation regardless of the outside weather conditions.  The patented technology featured in our flameless heaters allows you to reduce the quantity of equipment on your project job site.  More significantly, by converting upwards of 97% of your fuel’s potential energy into dry, breathable, usable heat, our heaters provide construction managers with significant savings on fuel costs.  With a focus on fuel efficiency, our flameless heaters reduce overall emissions and are the best environmental choice.

Quick Service Turnaround Time & Easy Part Replacement

Cahill understands that downtime reduction is a priority for construction managers. Downtime reduction and reliable equipment allow you to complete your project on time and within budget. Most parts on a Cahill heater, including the primary engine, can be replaced on-site within one hour. We provide fast service response times and easy part replacement. We will have a service technician on the road within 30-45 minutes of initial service calls.

Why Choose Cahill Heating Rentals?

Cahill Heating Rentals is confident that our industry-leading fuel-efficient heater, industry knowledge, experience, and quick service response time make us the best choice for heater rentals in Alberta.  Call our team today to learn how Cahill can help with your heating requirements.

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