Industry-Leading Cold Weather Construction Heaters

Cahill Heating rentals provides the construction industries in Canada and USA with the most fuel-efficient diesel heaters on the market.  Our heaters generate the quickest temperature rise, making them the best choice for cold-weather construction projects.    

The enhanced reliability of our heaters also prevents equipment malfunction or complications caused by extreme weather conditions. Our heaters are built for industrial construction applications; they are highly durable and can be put to work in the most severe conditions.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

crane lifting a flameless heater for high rise construction
flameless diesel jet heater for tank coatings project

For companies working in Canada and the Northern US, portable construction heaters are necessary as temperatures hover at and well below the freezing point during the winter months. Cahill has several heater options available to our clients in the construction industry. Cahill’s innovative technology will keep your employees and equipment warm, providing them with substantial fuel cost savings.

Cahill Heating provides the construction industry with the safest and most cost-effective heating solutions. Our proven flameless technology meets the needs of the most demanding environments, including petrochemical, refining, upgrading, and mining operations.

Below is a list of some of the applications Cahill Heating’s flameless construction heating solutions can be used for:

SUMMARY: Why Cahill Is Your Best Choice for Cold-Weather Applications


We have a variety of portable flameless heaters engineered to meet your temporary heating needs.