Cleaner Technology with Greater Fuel Savings

Clean Heating Solutions from Cahill

Since the inception of Cahill Services, we have been dedicated to not just providing the most cost-efficient solutions to customers but also the most environmentally friendly ones. Our commitment to the wellness of the environment is embedded in our technology, processes, and operations.

All of Cahill’s equipment features technology to virtually eliminate all emissions, including SOx and NOx. Cahill’s heaters have the most efficient engines among all the heaters on the market. The efficiency is apparent in the lack of emissions and performance. Cahill heaters consume the least amount of fuel while simultaneously producing the largest heat output. On average, a competitive heater produces approximately 44,300 kg of CO2, more than a Cahill heater throughout an entire heating season.



overhead photo of large construction site

Cahill also recently introduced a hybrid light tower that runs on solar energy primarily to:

By virtue of being fuel efficient, Cahill has been able to keep workers, job sites and the environment safe. In addition to safety, the intrinsic sustainability in Cahill’s technologies leads to enormous savings. A clean, efficient engine is in most cases, also the most fuel-efficient one. In addition to reducing emissions by tens of thousands of kgs of CO2, Cahill also helps save customers tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs.