Coatings & Painting Heating Solutions

Temporary Heating for Coatings & Painting

Cahill offers environmental control solutions to help you protect your painting and coating project from changing weather conditions. Regardless of the climate or the time of the year, our technology will allow you to control temperature and humidity while performing crucial operations such as surface preparation and painting.

Coatings Heating Applications

Whether heating, air conditioning or dehumidification, Cahill can tailor a solution for your needs.  Most importantly, our solutions ensure you avoid rework by helping you achieve the perfect coating or painting the first time.


Deliver hot air with the highest static pressure from up to 500′ away from compressors and generators to ensure personnel and equipment safety.


With our heater, you are guaranteed an even cure in shorter spans of time compared to traditional dehumidifiers. Our environmental control unit lets you control humidity and temperature through a fridge-drying process alternating between heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.


Control humidity under the most extreme conditions.


You can save time and money de-icing your worksite with high-volume dry air, ensuring the safest work environment for your team.

Why is Cahill the best choice for your coating and painting project?

High CFM Combined with the Highest Static

With our technology, you can get up to 10000 CFM with 20″ of static to cover large spaces faster and to get a thorough, even cure.

No Need for Rework

Unlike most other technologies, our environmental control solutions allow you to control temperature and humidity to get your coating right the first time.

Rugged Design

Our environmental control products are built for rugged environments, and special design features prevent dust and debris from affecting the equipment.

Built for Any Weather & Geography

Our environmental control solutions are designed to operate in any geography regardless of the local weather and ambient conditions.