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Industrial Heater Rentals in Fort St John, British Columbia

Cahill Heating Rentals is proud to be your top choice for Industrial Heating Rentals in Fort St. John.

At Cahill, our Industrial flameless heaters provide dry, breathable air with accurate temperature regulation even through the harshest climates. Regardless of how cold it gets, our flameless heaters produce heat instantaneously to keep your project running.

We developed Cahill’s product line to provide more hot air where and when you need it most. Our patented technology ensures you get the desired temperature, even under extreme conditions. Our heaters have been independently tested as the most fuel-efficient flameless heaters available.

Cahill’s flameless heat technology provides the safest, cleanest, and most fuel-efficient heaters. Our patented flameless heating equipment features the highest temperature rise in the shortest time, and we can deliver heat up to 500 feet away for worry-free wintertime operations.

At Cahill Heater Rentals, our focus is on providing the following:

We provide our clients in Fort St John’s with a wide selection of Industrial Heaters. Our experienced professionals will give you expert advice on choosing the best Industrial heating solution for your project,

Cahill is the number one choice for industrial heating in Fort St John, British Columbia. Our team has over 100 years of experience in the specialty heating rental industry. We proudly serve clients in the oil & gas, construction, and coatings industries. We provide clients with the most advanced and fuel-efficient temporary heaters. Our products are backed by our commitment to unmatched service & support from our highly skilled field technicians.

Cahill jet heater used for temporary heat hoarding

Flameless Construction Heaters Rentals

Our heaters have the industry-leading energy conversion rate.  Cahill construction heaters convert more potential energy from fuel than all other construction heaters on the market.  Because of the high energy conversion rate, our heaters are the most energy-efficient temporary heaters available for the construction industry.  Cahill heaters, through their maximum fuel efficiency, allow you to lower your overall fuel consumption and, therefore, save on your project operating costs.  Key features of our heaters include:

Typical diesel heaters operate with a 50% fuel conversion rate.  The Cahill JetHeat heater converts 97% of the potential energy from diesel fuel into dry, hot air for your project.

Commitment to Support and Service

Project Support and Planning

We are committed to understanding the scope of our client’s projects, and when needed, we can help create customized heating programs to suit the project requirements.  We work closely with our clients to help ensure they select the appropriate heating equipment.  Our team will work with your project managers to run thorough cost calculations so you have a suitable heating solution for your construction project.

Heater Service

We proudly provide various industries with advanced customer support and easy part replacement options. Our commitment to service includes the following:

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