Construction Site Heaters

Construction Heater Rentals

Cahill provides construction heaters to major construction projects in Canada and the United States.  We have provided construction heater rentals to many of the largest construction companies in North America.  We provide the most fuel-efficient and effective flameless heating technology on the market today. Our heaters have been used for the following applications:

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Diesel Construction Heater Applications

Our diesel construction heaters use patented technology to provide clean, breathable air with virtually no emissions to keep your workforce safe and warm throughout the winter. With enough heat output to match multiple competitive heaters, you are guaranteed a cluster-free site and rental/fuel cost savings. For large construction projects where multiple heaters are used, the savings can run upward of a million dollars.


Featuring 20″ of static pressure and high air flow, a single Cahill heater can heat multiple floors or areas simultaneously.


Control the temperature of your aggregate evenly, eliminating quality issues caused by hot and cold spots caused by less effective heating.


With the clean, breathable, dry air from Cahill heaters, you can be assured of low worker fatigue and high productivity, regardless of how inclement the weather is.


With the Cahill flameless technology, you are assured a perfect cure every time, regardless of changing ambient conditions.


Our flameless heaters are perfect for shotcrete applications. They deliver heat across large surfaces for a quick and even cure.


With the highest temperature rise, it thaws large areas of ground quickly and efficiently without leaving behind a wet, muddy mess. It also replaces traditional glycol heating—there are no cut lines or glycol spills.

Why is Cahill the best choice for Construction Site Heating?

Unmatched Service

No matter how remote the site, we will have a technician available on-site to perform preventative maintenance to eliminate downtime.

Best-in-Class Technology

Our heaters start instantaneously, regardless of how cold it is, and deliver hot, breathable air where you need it.

Cost Savings

Our heaters are designed to consume between 2.3 and 5.3 gph of fuel. These savings could be in the hundreds of thousands on large projects that run for several months.


Designed to be leak-proof, you can use our heaters safely both inside buildings and out. The heaters are also virtually free of emissions and smoke.