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Industrial Heater Rentals in Michigan

Cahill Heater Rentals in Michigan provides a wide selection of Industrial Heaters to ensure you get the right heating solution for your project. Our experienced professionals provide expert advice on choosing the best Industrial heating solution.

Cahill Heating Rentals is the top choice for industrial construction heating rentals in Livonia, Michigan. The Cahill team has over 100 years of specialty heating rental experience, serving the oil and gas, construction, and coatings industries. We proudly offer the most advanced and fuel-efficient flameless heating solutions in the temporary heating industry. We also provide our clients with unmatched service and support from a team dedicated to ensuring their projects are completed on time.

At Cahill, our Industrial construction flameless heaters provide dry, breathable air with accurate temperature regulation.  Our heaters are designed to operate in even the harshest climates. Regardless of outside temperature, our flameless diesel heaters produce instantaneous heat to keep your project running!

Cahill’s product line provides instant hot, dry air where and when you need it most.  Our patented technology ensures you get the desired temperature even under extreme conditions. Our heaters have been rigorously and independently tested as the most fuel-efficient flameless heaters on the market.

cahill offers flexible ductwork for their diesel heaters

Flameless Construction Heaters with Outstanding BTU Output

Our heaters are an unparalleled energy-efficient and cost-effective heating option. With an ultra-high energy conversion rate, our heaters convert more potential energy from diesel fuel into usable heat than any other heater on the market.  Compared to traditional heaters, our revolutionary technology provides lower operating costs and increased energy efficiency, enabling you to save your project’s fuel costs. With their proven track record of superior performance, you can be assured that you are choosing a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Most diesel heaters run at a 50% fuel-to-energy conversion rate.  Our JetHeat Heater converts 97% of the available potential energy from fuel into dry, breathable air for your project.

Industry-Leading Support and Service

Project Support and Planning

Our team works closely with our clients to ensure they use the appropriate heating equipment.  We work with our clients to understand their projects’ scope and create customized heating programs.  We will run cost calculators and perform an analysis to ensure you have a suitable heating solution for your project.

Heater Service

Cahill Heating is the go-to company for advanced service support and parts replacement. We provide our clients with the following services to help keep your project up and running:

  • Quick service turnaround: For service calls, we work to ensure that an experienced service technician is on the road within 30-45 minutes of the initial service call.
  • No Call-Out Fees: We do not charge call-out fees for most emergency calls.
  • Quick Heater Part Replacement: Our heaters provide exceptional ease for service, maintenance, and part replacement. Any part of the JetHeat heater can be replaced in one hour.

With a quick turnaround time, no additional charge for emergency repairs, and parts replacement within one hour, companies trust Cahill Heating for their project heating needs.

Why Choose Cahill Heaters for Your Next Project

We offer affordable rates and flexible terms on our industrial heater rentals. Our team will work with you to create a rental package that meets your budget and needs. With our competitive rates, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible value for your money.

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