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Cahill Heating has over 100 years of experience in advanced flameless industrial heating solutions. We have become the #1 choice for industrial heater rentals in Ontario, Canada. Cahill provides industrial heaters for various industries, including construction, coatings, and oil & gas. Cahill has become the trusted source for high-quality, fuel-efficient industrial heaters. Our years of experience and industry knowledge make us the best choice for industrial heater rentals.

Our team works closely with our clients to fully understand the scope of their projects so we can make recommendations on the best heating solutions. We often work closely with project management teams to design custom heating programs. By understanding your project, we will demonstrate how our heaters will help maintain your project timelines while also reducing your overall project operational costs.

Cahill’s flameless industrial heaters generate dry, breathable air almost instantaneously. Our heaters are designed to provide accurate temperature regulation, even in the harshest Canadian climates. Cahill heaters are designed to produce clean, hot air to keep your project running! We offer:

Cahill diesel heater used for hoarding application


Our heaters allow you to reduce your overall project operational costs by delivering industry-leading fuel efficiency. We proudly deliver the most fuel-efficient diesel heaters to the construction industry. Cahill heaters are designed with maximum energy conversion in mind, meaning you get maximum BTU output from our heaters while consuming less diesel fuel.

The Cahill JetHeat flameless construction heater is by far the most fuel-efficient diesel heater on the market. Most conventional construction heaters run with a roughly 50% energy conversion rate. The JetHeat heater, on the other hand, converts a remarkable 97% of the potential energy from diesel into usable heat. If you’d like to learn more about the JetHeat Heater and how it can work for your project, contact our team today!


Cahill heaters contribute to optimal working conditions regardless of the outside environment or project requirements. Our industry-leading safety features make our heaters a dependable heating solution for any construction site. Cahill Heaters helps with job site safety in two specific ways:

More Heat with Less Equipment

Our patented technology has produced the most fuel-efficient heater on the market. An independent 3rd party study concluded that a single JetHeat heater could replace eight frost fighters, 3 Allmand heaters, or 2 TD1200s. By producing more heat from a single unit, Cahill Heaters allows you to have much less equipment on your project site.

Built-In Fuel Spill Prevention

Cahill heaters also include built-in secondary fuel containment. Most project sites require spill prevention or secondary containment protocols, especially oil & gas projects.  Cahill heaters are equipped with 110% fuel containment. The built-in fuel containment eliminates the need for additional spill equipment or containment trays.


Cahill Heating Rentals is committed to quality, safety, and continuous innovation. This commitment makes us stand out in the heater rental competitive landscape. If you are looking for construction heaters in Ontario, contact Cahill today!

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