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Industrial Heating Rentals in New Iberia

Cahill Heating Rentals is proud to be your top choice for Industrial heater rentals in New Iberia. With over 100 years of specialty heater rental experience, we offer the most advanced flameless heating solutions in the temporary heating marketplace, with unmatched support from our dedicated service team.

Our Industrial flameless heaters provide dry, breathable air with accurate and efficient temperature regulation, even through the harshest climates. Regardless of how cold it gets; our flameless heaters produce heat instantaneously to keep your project running.

Our high static blowers deliver the air to the point of most critical need. Our patented technology ensures you get the desired temperature even under extreme conditions. Our heaters have been independently tested as the most fuel-efficient flameless heaters available today. Cahill’s product line provides more hot air where and when you need it most.

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Cahill jet heater used for temporary heat hoarding


Cahill Heating Rentals is the best choice for construction heating in New Iberia, with over 100 years of expertise and advanced flameless heating solutions. Our construction heaters provide dry air, even during extreme climates. At the same time, our patented technology ensures you get your desired temperature quickly and efficiently – Cahill has been tested to be the most fuel-efficient option on the market.

Get superior service support from a team dedicated to this specialty; trust your project’s heating needs to Cahill!


Are you looking for a reliable heating system delivering maximum BTU output with minimal equipment requirements? Our Heaters offer superior fuel efficiency and custom design options to meet all your project needs.

Fuel Efficiency and Energy Conversion Rate

One of the critical features of Cahill Heaters is their high energy conversion rate, meaning they convert more energy into heat than any other heater on the market. This means that a smaller amount of fuel is needed to produce the same amount of BTUs as other heaters, resulting in lower operating and fuel costs. Additionally, our advanced combustion technology reduces emissions by up to 90%, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Minimum Equipment Needed for Maximum BTU Output

Cahill has designed their systems to minimize equipment requirements while providing maximum BTU output. This means fewer parts and components are needed for installation and maintenance over time, making it easier for contractors and engineers to get the most out of their heaters without worrying about complex setups or extensive downtime due to maintenance.

Secondary Containment Feature, 500ft Deliverable Heat, and Vertical Delivery Capabilities

In addition to its energy-efficient design and custom design flexibility, our heaters have secondary containment tanks, so any leaks or spills during operation or maintenance are quickly contained.

Conclusion – Why Choose Cahill Heaters?

You should choose Cahill Heaters for your next project for many reasons – such as unparalleled fuel efficiency, design flexibility, maximum BTU output, and minimal equipment requirements. Cahill provides exceptional heaters that will provide reliable performance while saving you money on operating costs.

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