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Since our inception, Jet Heat and Cahill Specialty Sales have provided the most innovative, durable flameless heaters to various industries, including Construction, Commercial, Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical Refining. Our mission is to provide our customers with the safest, most environmentally friendly, and most cost-effective option.

If you need flameless heating technology for long-term or numerous short-term applications, purchasing from Jet Heat and Cahill Specialty Sales can provide a cost-effective alternative to renting.

To illustrate this, Customer A has project will require them to provide temporary heat over two heating seasons. They used 9 Allmand Maxi- Heats on a similar project from mid-November through April. Using the Jet Heat/Cahill project calculator, they determined that 3 SA-M Jet Heaters would provide the same equivalent BTUs, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce carbon footprint while still providing a self-contained diesel fuel option. After reviewing the overall 2-year project costs, the conclusion was that purchasing would save over $500,000 compared to renting the Allmands. In addition, by purchasing, they could ensure the equipment was what they needed and deploy it as needed.

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JetHeat Products for Sale or Rent

image showing engine replacement on the GT1400 heater
GT 1400 AP Enclosure (Trailer Mounted)
  • W 6′ 2″ x L 16′ 9″ x H 7′ (with AP mounted on trailer)

  • Weight:
  • Total weight, Trailer, Enclosure (zero Fuel) =4,020 Lbs.
  • Total weight, Trailer, Enclosure + 200 Gallons=5,460 Lbs
  • GT 1400 AP (All Purpose) Enclosure
  • W 32″ x L 7′ 6″ x H 6′ 5″ Enclosure

  • Weight:
  • Enclosure (Dry)=2,470 Lbs.
  • Enclosure (Wet, 200 gallons of Fuel) =3,190 Lbs.
  • GT 1400 SA-M (Stand-Alone Module)
  • W 28″ x L 72″ x H 42″

  • Weight:
  • 400 lbs. (without Fuel)
  • 20 Gallon integrated onboard fuel tank
  • Compact and self-contained rolling cart