Thermal Bed Bug Heater - The JetHeat ExThermonator

Patented JetHeat technology is the best choice for safe, effective thermal extermination for treating bedbugs and fleas. The JetHeat ExThermonator is the fastest heater on the market today, allowing pest control companies to complete multiple jobs daily.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

heater used for beg bug extermination


The ExThermonator is the most portable, lightweight heater in the industry, and no heavy equipment is needed. The unit fits into the back of a compact pickup truck and can easily move through small spaces, doors, elevators, and basements. Capable of generating its own power, this self-contained unit does not require an external power source, allowing it to be used in any space or location.


The JetHeat ExThermonator instantly delivers safe, flameless heat that penetrates all surfaces, including concrete and stone, while keeping the structure and contents safe during and after the treatment. JetHeat technology is a chemical-free solution and does not leave behind any harmful residue.


The JetHeat ExThermonator guarantees the fastest turnaround and provides professional exterminators with the best return on investment. It allows more jobs to be completed in a day and delivers instant heat with no pre-heating or waiting required.

The setup time for a 1500 sq ft area is about 20 minutes, completing the entire job in less than 4 hours, including tear down.

The Most Versatile and Effective Pest Control Heater On The Market

The ExThermonator is perfect for small and large spaces and delivers the best static pressure in the industry.

Hot air is moved through the entire structure, reaching every crevice and corner until reaching 140 F+, killing all larvae and bugs.

For treating large spaces, JetHeat is the only option available to safely deliver large volumes of heat to treat areas that other heaters can’t. The GT1400 can efficiently deliver heat through over 300 feet of ducting hoses that can be split into multiple feeds to tackle almost any job. The ExThermonator can simultaneously deliver heat to four 1000 sq ft areas.

Sensors are placed in key positions during setup to remotely monitor temperatures in critical areas. The heater has a built-in advanced monitoring system that allows for labelling sensor locations and recording the results of the operations for your records and customer information.

Examples of large spaces include:

Examples of small spaces include:

JetHeat ExThermonator is the best choice for safe, breathable thermal heat extermination in the pest control industry. It is available for rent or purchase and allows more jobs to be completed in a day effectively and efficiently.


We have a variety of portable flameless heaters engineered to meet your temporary heating needs.