Your 2024 Guide to Renting Industrial Heaters in Alberta

When you’ve got a project to complete, you need reliable equipment on site to help you get the job done. Portable industrial heaters are reliable pieces of equipment that can keep your operations running in all weather conditions. Not all industrial heaters measure up to the extreme temperatures of Alberta, so choosing the right models is important. In our 2024 Guide to Renting Industrial Heaters in Alberta, we break down the specs you need to know to choose the right size, model, and type of heater for your project.

Choose the Right Size Portable Heater for Your Project

Bigger projects don’t necessarily require bigger heaters or more heaters. What they do require is efficient, powerful heating systems that can provide the right climate for cement curing or mess-free ground thaw operations and comfortable working conditions for both people and machinery. Here are a few questions to consider before determining the number of heating units you’ll require on your site:

  • How many zones require heating?
  • How big is the area you need to heat?
  • What work needs to be completed?

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we supply different models of portable industrial heaters in Alberta, depending on your project requirements. Each model is powerful enough and efficient enough to replace two models of the competition while keeping you on budget. The number you’ll need for your project will depend on your project scope. By sharing a few details about your requirements, you can get a free quote here.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

Choose the Right Type of Industrial Heater for Your Project

Your project may have specific requirements for industrial heaters, depending on where your work site is located and the nature of your work. Do you have government or industry regulations to follow? Do you want to contribute to your sustainability report? We supply heaters that will keep your job site safe and efficient and reduce your overall emissions.

Here are a few different types of heaters to consider for your operations:

Consider the Placement of Your Industrial Heater

When the climate turns cold, you need reliable, even delivery of critical heat across your work zone. Having cold spots can lead to duplication of work and even project delays. Using too many heaters at your location can clutter your job site and cause safety hazards. So how do you balance your need for heat and the safety of your job site?

Our range of portable industrial heaters makes Alberta job sites safe by providing the same output as at least two of the leading competitors. When you can have the same, if not more, heat from fewer machines, you can make strategic decisions on where to place your heaters without sacrificing the range reached by the heater. 


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You can browse our full library of case studies to learn more about how our suite of portable industrial heaters is helping project managers and contractors keep their industrial projects running smoothly in Alberta and across North America.

Choose Sustainable Portable Industrial Heaters for Your Alberta Work Site

We’re ready to help you find the right portable industrial heaters for your next project. Contact us today for your custom quote and heater recommendations for Alberta industrial operations.