Which Type and Size of Industrial Heater Do You Need for Your Project?

Industrial projects require strategic planning for operations to be successful. Any project that operates in cold temperatures needs to plan for a safe, reliable heat supply to make work possible and keep the project on time. Portable industrial heaters are an excellent solution for various projects, especially in extremely cold environments.

The Importance of Industrial Heaters

Cold temperatures can significantly impact your operation, such as freezing the ground, disrupting materials, or affecting the safety of your crew at work. Having reliable, portable industrial heaters on site allows you to avoid running overtime, exceeding your budget, and risking the health and safety of your crew.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

Inside a construction site

How to Choose an Industrial Heater

When choosing an industrial heater, asking the right questions is essential to ensure you get the right heat coverage and stay on budget. You’ll want to answer some questions before purchasing or booking an equipment rental.

How Many Areas Do You Need to Heat?

How big is your project? Is there one main area where you require industrial heaters, or do you have multiple locations? Multiple locations will need multiple heaters; However, with Cahill industrial heaters, you can use fewer units in each place due to their high efficiency and output.

What Is the Size of the Area You Need to Heat?

Cahill industrial heaters use an innovative design that heats more space with less equipment. You can warm multiple floors within your building with as little as one machine and a duct system. Knowing the size of the area you need to heat makes it easier to select the right model for your workspace.

How Many Do You Need?

Determining how many heaters you need for your location depends on the type of heater you plan to use. There are several models of Cahill heaters that suit various industrial projects. Our innovative design means you can use fewer units than our competitors and achieve the same temperature and humidity control.

Types of Industrial Heating Options

Cahill portable industrial flameless heaters are efficient, safe, and powerful machines suited to heat any industrial job site to increase cost savings and boost productivity. The type and size of heater you’ll want to rent will match your unique needs. Here are the different heaters we provide and their benefits.

Jet Heat Heater

The Jet Heat Heater features a turbine jet engine that is more than 97% efficient. It is great for temporary site heating, equipment startup, concrete curing, new building construction, and much more.

Diesel-Fuelled Heaters

The CH15MS Heater has a diesel engine and uses thermostat control. This heater works well in pipeline heating and drying, food clean-up, concrete curing, frost prevention systems, steam-line pre-heating, and more. For smaller jobs, try the CH12MS heater.

Magnetic Heat-Generating Units

The CH14MS Heater is an industrial heater that uses magnetic heat-generating technology to assist with variable temperature control. This heater is excellent for oil and gas applications, construction projects, coatings and paint jobs, and more.

The CH13MS Heater uses magnetic heat-generating technology with variable temperature control. This heater is suited for new building construction, concrete curing, gas compressor sites, flood clean-up, tank and vessel coat curing, and other construction projects.

Glycol Heater

The Cahill Glycol Heater is a powerful, safe heating unit that works well in extremely cold scenarios. This heater is suited for ground thawing applications, pre-pour warming, freeze protection, ground frost prevention, and more.

Examples of Our Heaters in Action

Many industries use our portable heaters to make their work sites safe, efficient, and comfortable for their crews. Here are a few case study examples of our heaters in action.

Temperature Control – Oil & Gas

Winters in northern Canada are extremely cold, making reliable heating sources essential for oil and gas operations. One major oil and gas producer used the Cahill Jet Heat industrial heater to support operations while decluttering their site with fewer units.

Concrete Curing – Construction

During record-breaking freezing winter conditions, a 16-floor construction project on a high-rise used our heaters to make concrete curing possible and improve employee comfort on the job. With fewer units heating a large space, our heaters did the job and provided immense savings to the company.

Ground Thawing – Construction

A construction company needed to combat ground-freezing temperatures to complete their project. Their previous heaters left soggy, muddy conditions, making their work impossible to complete on schedule. The contractor turned to Cahill for a better solution. Using our patented Jet Heat flameless heater, flexible ducting, and tarps, the contractor could save money and thaw the ground to create a safe working environment.

Portable Industrial Heater Rentals

When you need industrial rentals, call Cahill Heating Rentals. We offer portable heating solutions for oil and gas and construction projects in Canada and the United States.