The Top 3 Benefits of Renting Diesel Construction Heaters

In Canada and the northern USA, the winter months bring in blowing snow, cold snaps and unpredictable weather. For the construction industry, the cold affects how efficient your work is. With an industry directly impacted by the weather and its temperature, there is a heavy reliance on portable construction/industrial heaters to get jobs done on time.

When considering your options for construction heaters, the first step is to look over and analyze which types may work best for your projects. The most common construction heaters are electrical, propane, natural gas, and diesel. Each has its unique properties and benefits for a construction site. Diesel heaters are highly common and are renowned for their high efficiency, low maintenance and consistent temperatures.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

Diesel Is Fuel-Efficient

Diesel heaters are one of the more fuel-efficient gas-run industrial heaters. Compared to propane heaters, propane only has an energy content of 60% next to diesel. Diesel uses flameless heating and is safer overall than other alternatives. Additionally, diesel fuel has a higher work capacity in colder temperatures because it is a denser gas. This heater wastes little as it converts most of its fuel into energy.

When looking at high-efficiency diesel heaters, Cahill Heating backs up the claim with the Jet Heat heater. This heater, with a 97% efficiency rating, is the most fuel-efficient option currently on the market. It can save customers up to 62% on fuel expenses.

Many believe that natural gas is cheaper when compared to diesel, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Because of diesel’s higher compression rating, diesel heaters waste less fuel than their gas alternatives.

Diesel Is Low Maintenance

Diesel heaters are low maintenance compared to many other types of heaters, and it’s because of turbine technology. Diesel heaters such as the Jet Heat heater have turbine technology, one of the leading energy converters in the world. It converts kinetic energy by moving gas or fluid through a motor into electrical energy (power). Due to this technology, your heater will require less servicing and, thus, less downtime on the job.

When you require maintenance on the heater, all services are the rental company’s responsibility. When you rent from a reliable company, you can focus on the job at hand and know that any issues will be resolved when your heater stops working to its full capacity.

Also, diesel-fuelled heaters are not spark-ignited, making them safer. Because of this, diesel-fired heaters are less likely to cause fires or have mechanical problems.


Diesel Has Even Flow of Heating

It’s crucial to have an efficient and dependable heater to keep your team and projects warm throughout the winter months. A considerable benefit to the diesel heater is the thermostat control. These heaters can maintain a consistent temperature as you are working when you set them to your ideal temperature. The diesel heater has an even flow and distribution of heat, so the work site warms equally.

Rent Local Diesel Construction Heaters

Diesel construction heaters have many benefits for industrial sites. With Canada and the US’s frigid winter climate, a dependable heater like Cahill’s Jet Heat industrial heater makes a difference. Cahill Heating cares about your work environment and only rents top-quality products to our consumers.

Cahill Heating is the best choice for your temporary heating needs. Our heaters have enough heat output to replace multiple heaters. If you’d like to learn more about Cahill’s diesel heaters, contact us today and start your rental process.