Temporary Industrial Heating: The Importance of Fuel-Efficiency

Fuel: The Most Significant Cost Driver

The most significant expenditure for temporary industrial heating is often fueling costs. In 2022, rising fuel costs have made the requirement for fuel efficiency that much more critical. Fuel costs can often differ between staying on budget and significant budget overruns. Choosing a heater that reduces fuel consumption is essential to managing total project costs.

Consider the example of a large project using five heaters throughout the winter. An average heater from another supplier consumes 7-9 gallons of diesel per hour and will burn nearly 130,000 gallons of fuel on such a project throughout the winter. The total spending on fuel will amount to $600,000. In contrast, the entire rental cost for the heaters will be around $110,000.

With fuel accounting for 80% of the expenditure and rental accounting for only 20%, contractors spend about four times more on fuel than on rental. Therefore, contractors must consider fuel consumption while evaluating their heating options.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

flameless jet heat diesel rental unit in yard in red deer alberta

How Does Cahill Save You Money?

The crux of Cahill’s technology is fuel efficiency. Cahill’s heaters are developed to burn fuel with the highest combustion efficiency, which means that more heat is produced for every gallon of fuel burned than any other commercial heater on the market. Cahill’s Jet Heat heater is the most fuel-efficient industrial diesel heater on the market, with an astounding 97% fuel efficiency rating. The 97% fuel efficiency means that 97% of potential BTU energy from the diesel fuel is converted into clean, dry, breathable heated air for your project.

Cahill heaters, on the other hand, consume only between 2.9 and 4.9 gallons of diesel per hour. This translates into huge fuel cost savings for a heating season. In most cases, these savings alone are significant enough to recover the rental costs.

Graph showing how cahill outperforms the competition on fuel consumption

Considering the points above, Cahill is your ideal partner for temporary heating. To ensure that contractors achieve 100% safety and fuel efficiency, Cahill has designed a flameless technology that delivers hot air using a patented engine design that burns with an efficiency of over 97%. Cahill’s heaters have the highest static pressure in the industry, allowing them to deliver heat to projects up to 500 feet away through multiple duct feeds. Our flameless product is the safest option and provides the most effective heat where and when you need it most.


We have a variety of portable flameless heaters engineered to meet your temporary heating needs.