Key Questions to Ask When Choosing an Industrial Construction Heater

When searching for the perfect industrial heater, it’s crucial to research and learn about the different kinds of industrial heaters and services offered. But there are so many options, so how can you narrow it down to just one? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most critical questions to ask when selecting an industrial heater.

Key Questions to Ask When Choosing an Industrial Construction Heater

In a perfect world, we would never need to deal with poor weather conditions. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and unexpected critical conditions can strike anytime. Extreme cold is particularly important because it can seriously affect your heater’s safety, efficiency, and efficacy.

When selecting an industrial heater, you’ll need to determine whether it will function well in critical conditions. You can typically find this information on a company’s website. Another way to learn more about a product is through its reviews, which give you a sense of how well the heater will work in the cold, according to other users.

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Is Field Service Included?

Even when renting a heater, you must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. When an industrial heater breaks down or requires maintenance for any reason, you’ll want to have it up and running as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, servicing a heater can be complex, and you’ll often need an expert to do the repairs properly. As such, field service must be included with your equipment rental. The best in the industry offer field services where the professionals come to you and solve your equipment rental problems as quickly as possible.

Does Your Site Require a Flameless Heater?

There are two main types of industrial heaters: flamed and flameless. The difference is in the name–flamed heaters use a flame to heat an area, whereas flameless heaters create heat in a flameless, sparkless environment.

Flamed heaters can pose risks to a job site. Anything using a flame could start a fire on-site, so you must always be extremely careful when using flamed heaters. On the other hand, flameless heaters are an extremely safe and secure way to heat an industrial site. Plus, they’re extremely cost-effective!

Depending on the job site, you may want a flameless heater instead. For example, construction sites typically require flameless heaters due to the flammability of wood. If this is true for your job site, you must narrow your search to a flameless heater. However, Cahill recommends flameless heaters for all industrial sites, thanks to the extra layer of safety and reduced costs they provide.

What Parts of the Site Need Heat?

Every job site is unique, meaning each site has different heating needs. First, you’ll need to consider what the heating is actually for–is it to keep your workers comfortable, prevent frozen pipes, or allow adhesives to set? Depending on the intended use, one heater is better suited to your site than another.

Meanwhile, you’ll also need to note which sections of the site will require heat. Does the entire site need heat or just a few specific areas? Different spatial needs can significantly affect the type of heater you need and how many of them you’ll have to set up.

How Much Heating Power Do You Need?

Depending on your job site, your desired heating power can change. Different industrial heaters output different amounts of heating power. Some heater designs pump out large amounts of heat, while others are less powerful.

For example, if you need heating to keep workers comfortable, you probably won’t need a high-power heater. But if you’re using a heater to cure or set materials, you’ll likely require something that can pump out critical heat.

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