Factors to Consider When Choosing a Light Tower Rental for Your Construction Site

You have many options when choosing mobile lighting for your construction site, so how do you choose the right model for your needs? We have a list of factors to consider before selecting a model. Each point considers practicality, efficiency, and budget, all necessary points to consider before booking your rental.

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What Is the Size of the Light Tower?

Knowing the size of the light towers you plan to rent is essential for space planning. A cluttered worksite can lead to safety hazards. Not only does the size of the job site matter, but you’ll want to know the weight and dimensions to safely pick up and transport your rented equipment to your job site. Knowing what equipment you need to transport your light towers makes your job easier.

What Energy Source Does the Light Tower Require?

The energy source required to power your light tower is crucial because it will affect your operations. If it’s electric, will you have a power supply on-site to support your light fixtures? How often will you need to schedule a refuel if it’s diesel-powered? These questions are essential to answer so you can plan your project without surprises regarding your vital light source.

What Are the Efficiency and Refuelling Needs of the Light Tower?

When your work site is in a rural location, having to worry about refuelling your lights is a headache you want to avoid when possible. Cahill light towers can run up to 35 days before requiring a refuel, meaning you can go longer between refuelling visits and oil changes compared to conventional light towers.

Each light tower has an automatic day and night sensor to minimize wasted power and maximize efficiency. It also saves you time from having to schedule and remember to turn them on and off.

What Output Does the Light Tower Have?

Another important factor to consider is the amount of light your tower gives off. You’ll want to research how bright the lights are, what the height of the mast is, and how many towers you’ll need to light your work zone. The amount of light support you’ll need will depend on how many night hours you’ll be working and the season your project is scheduled for. Winter projects will require more supporting light than summer projects.

What Is the Cost of Operations?

Keeping costs down on a project is always a priority and not always easy. With solar light towers with high operational efficiency and a greater output per tower than other models, you can keep your costs down on light tower rentals when you choose Cahill Heating Rentals.

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Performance without compromising safety is a priority here at Cahill Heating Rentals. Our light towers are no exception. Each hybrid light tower has an emergency stop switch mounted to the outside for easy and quick shutdown.

Winter Operations

Can the light tower operate in winter conditions? If your project is scheduled in the winter months, you’ll need a light tower with a block heater to ensure it runs effectively when you need it. Between Cahill Hybrid Light Towers equipped for winter projects and our innovative portable industrial heaters, your job site can run smoothly, no matter the temperature.

Construction Light Tower Rentals

When you need efficient light towers for your job site, check out our hybrid light tower for industrial sites. We provide a range of industrial equipment rentals, such as heaters, dehumidifiers, and hybrid light towers. We offer around-the-clock field service to help you keep your project on track, and we prioritize safety in everything we do. Get your quote today.