5 Industrial Applications for Portable Temporary Heaters

Portable temporary heaters can be used on nearly any industrial project or site in city or rural locations. Due to the portability and efficiency of our heaters paired with reliable field service, you can operate on schedule and budget with various models. We have a range of diverse case studies proving the many ways contractors and project managers make good use of Cahill portable heaters. Here are five examples of how our efficient heaters can significantly impact your projects.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

Moving rental units

Heating a Warehouse or Storage Space

Sometimes, you need a reliable heat source to support your project. Rather than using multiple heaters in an enclosed location, you can swap them out for fewer Cahill Heaters. For example, one company came to us to replace 30 heaters by the competition with just 14 of our JetHeat units, significantly reducing the clutter on their site, increasing safety, and cutting their operational costs. The JetHeat unit, combined with split duct streams, delivered steady, powerful heat to large areas.

Stay on Schedule with Ground Thaw Heaters

Working with frozen ground can be a significant challenge, whether in construction, oil and gas, or an infrastructure project. This was the situation a reputed contractor found themselves in when they came to us for a solution. In an ideal case, you want ground thaw to be even, consistent, and efficient. The contractor used our JetHeat flameless heater, flexible ducting, and tarps, resulting in larger areas thawed in a shorter time. The best part was that they avoided contractual penalties because there was no delay in the project.

Keeping High-Rise Construction Projects Warm

Construction projects present many challenges depending on the scope and conditions of the project. One contractor working on a high-rise construction project needed a reliable heating source for a section of sixteen floors in the middle of the building. The project faced several challenges that affected their need for portable heating solutions:

  • Local laws prohibited the use of propane-based heaters.
  • Carbon monoxide emissions had to be lower than 50 ppm.
  • The building had no structure to receive natural gas through risers.
  • There were no facilities to run electric heaters.

The contractor contacted our team, and we delivered the necessary temporary heat so they could continue their project without delays. Our solution was using the Cahill JetHeat model and split ductwork to feed enough heat to cure concrete and provide comfortable working conditions.

Precision Heating for Sensitive Coating Jobs

Applying a fresh coating to a tank is a sensitive operation that requires precision heating. Portable temporary heaters, such as our lineup of innovative industrial heaters, can deliver steady, safe, and breathable heat at the right temperature.

One of our customers—a leading coatings contractor—came to us after their standard commercial heater from another supplier failed to perform. Inconsistent heat delivery led to thickening and sagging of the applied coating, threatening to derail the project timeline. They switched to our patented CH15MS heaters and were able to finish the job early. (Read more about the case study here.)

Comfortable Temperatures in Cold Areas

Even in the coldest parts of Canada and the United States, portable Cahill heaters can help you get your job done. One oil and gas customer came to us with the need to replace their heating set-up for one that eliminated cold spots and took up less space. We provided 7 JetHeat flameless industrial heaters to replace 14 competitive units. The result was a comfortable work environment with increased safety due to less clutter on site. They completed their project on time, which included curing concrete, coating pump stations, and heat hoarding.

Portable Heater Rentals for Industrial Projects

When you need powerful, reliable heating solutions for your next industrial project, we have a range of industrial heaters to suit your needs. Call us to get your quote and keep your project on target.