Three Ways to Control Temperature and Humidity for Painting & Coatings

Managing industrial projects requires close attention to site safety and efficiency, staying on schedule, and working within budget. Weather, temperature, and humidity can all impact those priorities, no matter where your industrial project is located. With the right temperature control equipment, you can ensure your job stays on time and within budget.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

large heat hoarding project using two temporary diesel heaters
A rental unit with temperature control

How Temperature Affects Painting and Coating Jobs

Applying paint and coatings to different materials requires optimal temperatures and humidity settings. When the temperature and humidity are too high, the paint won’t dry properly, and when air conditions are too cold, the paint will not cure. While we can’t control the weather or outdoor temperatures, industrial heaters, dehumidifiers, and environmental control units can compensate for the conditions. 

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we recommend industrial heaters and dehumidifiers to control the temperature and humidity on your job site, especially when curing times must be accurately controlled.

Safe Flameless Heaters

When temperatures fall below the recommended level for paint to dry, industrial heaters can help maintain the ideal temperature. Flameless heaters make your worksite safer and keep the air breathable, especially in confined spaces.

When you need to paint a large area or have a large space to work, one of these heaters can do the work of multiple units from the competition. Working with fewer heaters while maintaining the same powerful temperature control makes your job site tidier and easier to navigate.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

Temperature is one element you want to keep steady while painting or coating a surface. Humidity is another factor to consider. High humidity prevents the paint from setting properly. When paint fails to set, it can peel or discolour after application, causing you to repeat your work or wait for better conditions. Both scenarios lead to delays, which impact your project in other ways.

Environmental Control Units

An environmental control unit is the equipment you need to manage both the temperature and humidity. With these units, you can control both elements with one system.

With one of our industrial environmental control units, you can effectively balance the settings to create the prime temperature and humidity levels for any painting or coating project. The unit controls humidity and temperature through a process of fridge drying that alternates between heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Ideal Environmental Control in Any Weather and Geography

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we specialize in creating portable heating rental solutions that suit any weather and geography. Extreme environments can’t stop your work, nor will they hinder our rugged environmental control products. Each unit is designed to prevent dust and debris from affecting the unit, so you can take it wherever you need ideal setting and curing conditions.

Save Yourself Time in Cold Conditions

When painting and coating in cold conditions, you can save yourself time by first de-icing your surface and ground area. Not only does this make it easier to do your work, but it keeps your worksite safer for your workers. Using a high-volume dry air heater saves you time and money by quickly de-icing and warming the space so you can apply the paint or coating right the first time.

Temperature Control Equipment Rentals

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we offer environmental control solutions to help make your painting and coating projects more efficient. Whether you need a portable heater rental in Anzac, Fort McMurray, or other locations, no matter the weather conditions, you can have confidence that our heaters, dehumidifiers, and environmental control units will do the job. Get your quote for portable heaters.