Temporary Heating for the Painting and Coatings Industry

Maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment for your industrial painting or coating project is a major contributing factor to the project’s success. Industrial painting and coating projects require high precision regarding the air’s ambient temperature and moisture content. Painting and coating contractors must do their due diligence when selecting a heater for their project. 

We offer various exceptional temporary heating options for the paint and coatings industries. Three key heating elements are required for coatings projects:

  1. Accurate temperature control
  2. Even and consistent heat distribution
  3. Air moisture control

For painting and coating projects, Cahill Heating recommends the CH15MS heater, the perfect industrial heater for the painting and coatings industry.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

tank coating projects completed using industrial heater from cahill rentals

Achieve the Ideal Conditions for your Project

The CH15MS industrial heater uses patented magnetic technology to produce flameless heat and features a thermostat, allowing you to precisely set the temperature and CFM output. This high level of control allows our clients to achieve perfect curing conditions for their projects. 

The CH15MS creates the ideal environmental curing conditions for your project:

  • The CH15MS features up to a 240°F temperature rise, capable of being used in extreme weather conditions.
  • A high CFM output facilitates frequent air changes and delivers breathable dry air without causing a rise in humidity.

The CH15MS is the ideal heater for your painting and coating projects. If you are looking for the perfect combination of even air distribution, accurate temperature regulation, and superior moisture control, contact Cahill Heating today!


We have a variety of portable flameless heaters engineered to meet your temporary heating needs.