Learn more about Solar Hybrid Light Towers

Solar hybrid light towers have been around for years, but Cahill has taken them to a new level. With their advanced technology, construction managers can save time and money on their projects. Cahill Services is changing the game with solar hybrid light towers. Cahill’s hybrid light towers provide our clients with the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced re-fuelling requirements

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

high efficiency diesel light tower used for Alberta construction project
image of large industrial construction project at night

Light Towers that Save you Money & Time

Cahill has introduced a solar hybrid light tower that revolutionizes how construction managers conduct their projects. The building combines the best features of solar power and traditional light towers to create a more efficient and cost-effective product. With Cahill’s cutting-edge technology, remote monitoring, and automatic dawn-to-dusk sensors, construction managers can expect to save up to $1800/month on their total operating costs compared to the same-size traditional light tower!

Switching to a Cahill solar hybrid light tower will help reduce the following challenges faced when using conventional diesel-powered light towers:

  • Reduction in job site traffic due to frequent re-fuelling needs
  • Reduction in fuel usage and emission output
  • Reduction in the risk of fuel spillage

Now is the perfect time to avoid rising fuel costs and switch your lights on-site to a solar hybrid light tower from Cahill Services – don’t miss out on this game-changing technology!

Graph showing fuel efficiency of cahill industrial heaters


We have a variety of portable flameless heaters engineered to meet your temporary heating needs.