Fort McMurray – Oil & Gas Site Demo

Solar Construction Light Tower Rentals Fort McMurray – Oil & Gas Site Demo

Project Scope

We deployed a Cahill Solar Hybrid Light Tower on a 1-month demo to an Alberta Oil & Gas Site during December 2022, the coldest winter month. This case study has data compiled for the one-month period of December 2022 – January 2023.

Light tower at a construction site

Project Results

Throughout the demo, the LT averaged 5.19 engine runtime hours per day. This was during the darkest and coldest month of the year and would most likely consist of 3-4 engine runtime hours over 12 months.

The total cost savings using the Cahill Solar Hybrid Light Tower ranged from $1,497/month to $3,223/month, depending on whether you account for the daily labour required to turn on and off a conventional light tower.

Project Cost Calculator

Rental Duration (Days) 28
# of Units
Labor/hr (site) **
Labor/day/Unit (hrs) **
Fuel Cost/Liter
Oil Change costs

Total Project Cost w/ Labor (1 Cycle)

Cahill - Solar Hybrid LED $1,761.70
Traditional LED 8kW
Traditional Metal Halide 8kW

Total Project Cost w/o Labor (1 Cycle)

Cahill - Solar Hybrid LED $1,761.70
Traditional LED 8kW
Traditional Metal Halide 8kW

Total Operational Cost Per Day

Average Engine Run Hours/Day Fuel Consumption L/hr Daily Fuel Cost Daily Oil Change Cost Total Operational Cost/Day Total KG of CO2 Generated/Cycle
Cahill - Solar Hybrid LED
5.19 Hours
- -
Traditional LED 8kW
16 Hours
Traditional Metal Halide 8kW
16 Hours

Benefits of Cahill Construction Solar Tower Rentals

Cahill has a trio of hybrid solar-powered light towers: the LLTT-H, LLTB-H, and LLTT-H XL. These towers boast exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing them to run for up to 35 days without refuelling. Furthermore, they require fewer refuelling sessions and oil changes than traditional light towers, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved uptime. Integrating the DSE 3G web interface + GPS module enables seamless real-time remote monitoring and control.

These eco-friendly light towers utilize hybrid technology, merging solar energy with a DC generator. They are particularly suitable for industries with continuous operations, such as mining, oil and gas, and construction projects that require constant lighting.