How Self-Powered Portable Heaters Make Remote Work Easier & Safer

Regardless of the industry, most outdoor work sites need to continue operating in all weather conditions. While extreme cold weather can put stress on workers, cause delays, and pose safety risks, most project managers know how to plan for these conditions and ensure the right equipment is provided.

Using portable industrial heaters on the work site can increase efficiency and safety by ensuring employees are comfortable, machinery is operating correctly, and the conditions are suitable for the work. With self-powered portable heaters, you can ensure that productivity remains high on your worksite at any temperature. Here are more examples of how portable heaters can improve your worksite during the colder months and keep your workers safe.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

De-Icing Capabilities

Ice accumulation can be a tremendous hindrance to any outdoor worksite. In some cases, ice buildup can cause catastrophic failures in infrastructure, industrial equipment, pipelines and other machinery. Ensuring your work site has the equipment to handle de-icing will save time/money and provide safety for your workers and clients.

Portable heaters with de-icing capabilities provide a proactive approach to prevent ice from forming and remove existing ice. These heaters utilize specialized heating technologies to melt ice and prevent further accumulation. By effectively de-icing critical components, these heaters help maintain a safe work environment and to avoid damage caused by ice-related issues.


Safety From Freeze Cycles

Freeze or freeze-thaw cycles occur when temperatures periodically fluctuate above and below the freezing point. Freeze cycles often occur in climates like Alberta’s due to our unpredictable weather and temperature changes. These cycles can cause many issues, especially during the process of concrete curing.

If concrete dries without constant and steady heat, it will expand and shrink, causing cracks in the foundation. These cracks can lead to further breakages or damage to the concrete or surrounding structure. Portable heaters are crucial in preventing this cycle, with steady heat at the work site. These heaters can help keep equipment, supplies, and structures at the optimal temperature.

Self-Powered Functionality

In many industrial environments, there is a lack of easily accessible energy sources. Self-powered heaters don’t need a secondary energy source. Without the need for a secondary energy source, portable heaters are perfect for remote or off-grid jobs.

Accessibility is not the only benefit of self-powered heaters. Because they lack the need for an energy source, they take up less room at your worksite. These heaters can quickly move around work sites and can transfer to other worksites quickly and efficiently.


Efficient and Cost-Effective

Self-powered heaters eliminate the need for extensive electrical installations or costly power sources, resulting in cost savings for industrial projects. Additionally, these heaters optimize heat distribution and minimize heat consumption, decreasing money spent on energy bills.

The portable heaters at Cahill bring efficiency to the next level. The JetHeat Heater is portable and light, leading the industry in easy maneuverability. No heavy equipment is needed with the JetHeat, making it ideal for small work sites with little room. The JetHeat is small enough to fit tight working spaces but strong enough to power large areas. It is considered the most efficient and cost-effective option on the market.

Portable Industrial Heater Rentals in Canada and USA

Cahill Heating Rentals has you covered for any portable industrial space heater rental needs. We are ready to provide exceptional and efficient portable heating solutions. With our experienced team, we’ll help you choose the best heater for your needs.

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