6 Unique Applications for Industrial Heaters to Improve Project Budgets, Timelines & Outcomes

Industrial heaters are more versatile than you might think. From skyscrapers to oil sites, industrial heaters can be used in various scenarios and for various purposes.

No matter what your heating needs are, there’s an industrial heater out there that’s perfect for you. In this blog, we’ll discuss six potential applications for industrial heaters and how they can improve your budget, timeline, and outcome.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

A Cahill unit set up next to a bridge in the mountains


A warehouse’s large, open space requires significant heating, especially during the colder months. Depending on the project, a warehouse might also need heat for concrete curing, heat hoarding, or other purposes. You’ll also need to consider efficiency–the less effective a heater is, the more heaters you’ll need – which only leads to clutter and potential safety risks.

You can significantly reduce your project’s costs, risks, and environmental footprint with efficient industrial heaters like Cahill’s. In one project, we replaced 30 heaters in a warehouse with just 14 Jet Heat units, successfully reducing the hours run, fuel consumed, and total costs.

Skyscrapers and Vertical Technology

High-rise construction projects typically require industrial heaters to stay on schedule. Whether a project requires general heat for concrete curing, worker comfort, localized heat for surface preparation, painting, or drying excess moisture, industrial flameless heaters are the most effective way to get the job done while staying on schedule and within budget.

Besides critical heating needs, projects such as high-rise construction projects often have additional regulations to meet. For example, one multi-story construction project could not use propane-based heaters. Their required carbon monoxide emissions had to be less than 50 ppm. The contractor rented several flameless heaters from Cahill and was able to meet these regulations while still saving money on fuel!


Maintaining specific temperatures is crucial in the mining industry, especially in the colder months. During winter, frost and ice can accumulate in the mine, affecting equipment and posing safety hazards for workers. Proper heating measures are necessary to keep equipment operational and provide safe working conditions.

The mining industry often requires much more heating power than other industries due to the immense amount of air ventilation throughout the mine. As such, mines require powerful, efficient heating systems to maintain the proper temperature.

Oil & Gas

Precision is key in the oil and gas industry. Without precise, even levels of critical heat, budgets and timelines could increase substantially, and you might end up with a less profitable outcome. Industrial heaters are the most effective solution, whether you’re maintaining viscosity, storing, transporting, or simply keeping your workers warm.

An oil and gas producer also requires a steady heat supply for construction projects. Without an even spread of critical heat throughout a site, necessary operations like curing concrete will take far longer and potentially extend your project’s timeline.

Construction Sites

Industrial heaters have several different applications in the context of construction. For example, worker comfort and ground thawing are necessary on construction sites in colder climates. Depending on the project, you might also need concrete curing or protection for coating and painting.

Another major application of industrial heaters in construction sites is heat hoarding. When it gets cold outside, you must simulate a warm environment inside the construction site by heat hoarding. Industrial heaters are the most efficient and effective way to heat hoard, making them perfect for the job!

Industrial Heater Rentals

Cahill Heating Rentals offers a variety of portable flameless heaters designed to meet your industrial heating needs. Our heaters provide an efficient, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective way to heat any industrial site. Contact us today to learn more!