4 Ways to Save Money on Renting an Industrial Heater

Industrial heaters are essential in many areas, including construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other work sites. Keeping a consistent temperature is crucial for safety, operations, and project success. While industrial heaters are essential, they are not always cost-efficient. Here are a few ways to help you choose the right industrial heater and save money in the process.

1- Ensure You Can Have On-Site Part Replacement

At some point, every heater will need maintenance, especially if you’re using them long-term on a project site. When a rental company is willing to come on-site to fix and provide an on-site part replacement, you can decrease the downtime and expenses of the heater. Before finalizing your rental agreement, inquire about the availability of on-site replacement services. When breakdowns or problems occur, it’s essential to have someone ready to fix your heater to help reduce overall costs. A reliable rental company will also have a comprehensive inventory of parts in stock and the items you may need for replacement parts. Having parts readily available means you’ll wait less time for repairs.

Choosing easily and quickly fixed heaters means less downtime for your project. For example, at Cahill Heating, we offer the JetHeater. We can quickly and easily make repairs to this model. The JetHeat can go through an engine swap in under 2 hours, vastly decreasing the heater’s downtime costs.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

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2- Plan for Optimal Heater Placement

The placement of your heater can make all the difference in how much fuel or energy is consumed and how efficiently your space is warmed. Determining the best area for your heater can also help improve its usage, reduce energy costs/fuel consumption, and create an even heat distribution throughout the worksite.

Consulting with a professional can help establish the best area for your heaters and how to ensure even circulation of hot air. For example, typically placing the unit in a central location away from any windows or places where the hot air can escape can help maximize even heat dispersion.

3- Choose a High-Powered Portable Heater

When looking at portable heaters, high-powered is the way to go. Why pay for multiple heaters when one heater can do the same work for less cost? At Cahill Heating, our heaters can give the coverage and power of eight other industrial heaters. By choosing the right model, you can save on rental fees and reduce fuel consumption.

Selecting the right industrial heater model for your work site requires consideration of the size and type of space (indoor or outdoor), the size, the installation requirements, the type of fuel needed, and the ventilation conditions. Consulting with a professional can help determine how many heaters you need.

4- Opt for Energy-Efficient Models

Whether you are searching for warehouse heaters, construction site heaters, or heaters for the oil and gas industry, energy-efficient models will work well and help save you money. Energy-conscious models maximize the amount of work from the fuel they receive, reducing fuel waste and costs.

Heaters, such as the JetHeat, feature a turbine jet engine which is over 97% fuel efficient. This model consumes 2.9 – 4.9 Gal/Hr compared to the average heater consumption of 8.6 Gal/Hr. The difference in fuel consumption adds up significantly over time. Indirect-fired heaters are a fantastic choice for powerful portable heating solutions.

Indirect-Fired Heaters for Your Industrial Project

If you’re looking to save money on industrial heaters, we understand the importance of energy efficiency. That is why we offer an array of energy-efficient, high-powered portable heaters, and our on-site replacement team works efficiently to help you save money and reduce downtime on your project.

Choose Cahill Heating for your industrial heater rental needs and experience the benefits of cost savings, energy efficiency, and reliable performance. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our team provide a tailored heating solution that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.