3 Best Practices for Safely Heating Your Job Site

Job site safety is imperative in any season, but especially during the colder months of the year when machinery is at risk of freezing, and your crew is at risk of frostbite. These conditions can make your project tasks impossible without adequate heating. Successful companies prioritize the safety of both the workers and the integrity of the equipment when the temperatures become extreme.

While Alberta is famous for freezing temperatures, it’s not the only region in Canada or the United States that poses temperature challenges in keeping projects running. If your project operates in a location with the risk of extreme cold, you need reliable industrial heaters that keep your job site safe. In this blog post, we’ll explore three best practices for safety that are crucial when heating industrial sites.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

A Cahill unit set up on a work site

1. Use Top-Rated Equipment

It’s crucial to use top-rated equipment that can handle extreme conditions. Choosing portable industrial heaters built for performance and safety will help keep your project on schedule. Many oil and gas, construction, and industrial companies choose Cahill Heating Rentals for our innovative portable industrial heaters because of our high safety ratings and because our heaters provide twice the heat of the competition at half the cost.

With powerful, efficient heat generated, you can reduce how many machines you need on-site, reducing the clutter of your work environment. Less clutter minimizes the risk of accidents on the job and keeps your operations safer. You can read more about how our equipment has solved heating problems in our series of project case studies:

2. Ensure Your Team Receives Safety Training

Promoting safety as part of your work culture is a smart strategy for any industrial project. Two primary components of building a safety culture include training and communication. When your crew knows how to operate machinery safely and the proper protocols to follow for managing hazards, your entire project will operate safer. It’s best to track and plan safety training for all on-site personnel and keep your team informed on safety plans, especially when you introduce new equipment or the project scope changes.

3. Follow All Safety Protocols & Regular Inspections

Adhering to all safety protocols and conducting regular inspections is a cornerstone of maintaining a secure and efficient environment. This proactive approach involves a strict application of set safety guidelines, ensuring that every part of the operation, from equipment handling to personal protective measures, aligns with the highest safety standards.

As the project progresses, you should regularly update safety protocols to accommodate and address new or changing risks. You’ll also need to schedule routine inspections of the job site and equipment to ensure the highest safety standards. If anyone finds concerns during an inspection, they should communicate the problem to the proper supervisor so they can solve the problem urgently. This dual focus is essential for ensuring ongoing operational integrity and protecting the well-being of every individual on site.

How to Prioritize Safety Culture on Your Job Site

To become a leader in safety, companies need to walk the talk regarding policies, precautions, and investments. At Cahill Heating Rentals, we treat safety as a behaviour our entire team monitors and improves upon at all times. We believe that investing in industry-leading technology, ensuring your teams are trained and up to date on safety policies, and conducting routine inspections are all ways to support the safety culture in any company.

Choosing partners that also value safety will help you keep optimal safety records. We strive to keep our workers (and yours!) safe and take care of the environment and the surroundings with our lineup of products that are virtually free of emissions, smoke, leakage, and other environmental contaminants.

Canadian & American Heater Rentals for Industrial Projects

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we deliver industry-leading heaters and solar tower lights backed by reliable customer service and over 100 years of experience in Alberta communities. Our expertise and knowledgeable service teams are available 24/7, giving us a reputation as a leading provider of Alberta heater rentals. When you’re looking for heater rentals for your project, contact our Anzac location, and we’ll help you find the right equipment rental for your needs.