Sourcing Ground Thaw Heaters that Work at Any Temperature in Alberta

When managing an industrial project in Alberta, you must carefully plan your operations and source quality equipment to ensure your operations continue. The extreme cold temperatures the winter months bring mean you need on-site industrial heaters and ground thaw heaters to dig, lay pipe, cure cement, and more. While Alberta winter temperatures can fluctuate, depending on the year, you can pretty much count on below-zero averages between October and April.

Remote area industrial projects need quality equipment on site and reliable service. Machine malfunctions due to the temperatures lead to delays across the project timeline. Cahill Heating Rentals’ efficient and powerful industrial heaters help keep every moving part on your job site operating in extreme temperatures, including your crew.

Why is Cahill the Industry Leader in Temporary Heating?

A Cahill rental unit being set up

Why Consistent Ground Thaw Heat Is Essential

Whether drilling a well, excavating a foundation, or digging a trench, frozen ground can impede your operations. It also makes the surrounding area unstable, especially in seasons with a freeze-thaw cycle. Having a steady flow of ground thaw heat keeps your crew working on safe terrain.

Avoiding Equipment Failure

Consistent ground thaw heat is essential for the safety of your crew and the machines they’re operating. Certain pieces of equipment will fail in extreme freezing temperatures. If they do not continue to run, they are also at greater risk for damage due to the cold temperatures of materials and frozen ground. Broken equipment can lead to project delays and budget overages, not to mention the safety hazards involved.

Ground Thaw Challenges

You know you need to have ground thaw heaters in place if you want to complete your remote project in the cold winter conditions of Alberta. But not all ground thaw heaters are equal. Here are some of the common challenges you may experience when using unreliable ground thaw heaters:

  • Soggy, muddy ground
  • Inconsistent thawing
  • Overcrowded work zone
  • Lengthy delays
  • High costs beyond your budget

At Cahill Heating Rentals, we know how important it is to maintain a safe work zone while keeping your project timeline on schedule and within budget. That’s why we offer reliable and efficient ground thaw heaters for rental and purchase.

How and Why Our Heaters Work in Any Temp

Our Jet Heat flameless heater provides reliable heat that is much easier to use than the bulky systems of traditional ground thaw heaters. The convection heating solution thaws the ground and dries the area, leaving no muddy mess to contend with afterwards. Our Jet Heater requires one operator, freeing up the rest of your work crew to do their regular tasks.

Thaw Larger Areas in Less Time

Instead of using traditional glycol heating lines to warm the ground and leave a muddy mess, our Jet Heaters work efficiently with flexible ducting and tarps. This means you can cover a large area and thaw the ground faster without creating a mess inside. Using the right equipment from the start of your project will save everyone on your team time and headaches.

Cahill Jet Heater for Ground Thawing

Customers love using the Jet Heater for its greater than 97% efficiency and cutting-edge technology that makes it easy to operate. Due to efficiency alone, one jet heater can save your project hundreds of dollars a day and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Jet Heaters also boost the safety of your job site by reducing clutter in the work area. The heater has a dual inlet air filter system that minimizes the risk of debris entering the system and features electric breaks with breakaway safety. With fewer worries about equipment hazards, you can focus on the other important tasks in your project.

Cahill Glycol Heater for Ground Thawing

The Glycol Heater is a powerhouse machine built with safety in mind. When you need a reliable source of heat in extreme temperatures with maximum environmental safety built-in, the Glycol Heater does the job. With safety sensors that shut down equipment during a spill and a fail-safe backup system, this heater is your reliable choice for consistent ground thawing.

Reliability, Even in Remote Locations

All our ground heaters have GPS systems installed, making it easy for us to come to you in the rare case your heater needs servicing on the job. You can also track your heaters on location to make project management a breeze.

Reliable Constructing Heating and Ground Thawing

When you need a reliable heat source or temporary heating on your construction sites, give us a call. We’ll review your project needs and provide custom recommendations to help you keep your project on budget.